Rotterdam Dance Academy (now Codarts), the Netherlands

BA - Bachelor's degree in Teaching

Specialised in contemporary dance, dance improvisation, dance theatre


During and after my studies I taught modern dance, improvisation, jazz and even aerobics for adults and children

for ballet and sports schools and public schools.

While living in Brazil I gave performance training for actors and directors at the Universidade Federal da Bahia,

mime and improvisation for acting students and instructed dance teacher students at the Fundaçao Cultural

in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Over the past few years I have given choreographic support for theatre and film and trained

the performers in spatial awareness, physicality and stage presence.

In Munich I collaborated on various projects,

for example, I trained blind and seeing colleagues (singers, musicians, actors, dancers) for a theatre project.
I also choreographed stage fighting for opera singers,

coaching them as well in physical and acting training.

 I now teach the following on request:
- yoga
- body awareness, improvisation, creative dance
- movement coaching for film and theatre
- project related training and choreography  

- theatre and dance laboratories/ workshops for children and adults

Ongoing explorations in the fields of dance, movement and theatre
e.g. Improvisation (Andrew Morrish), Feldenkrais (Veronika Fischer), Body Mind Centering, Rolfing (Giovanni Felicione),
Pilates (Jennifer Bury), Contact Improvisation (Russell Maliphant, Laurie Booth, Kirstie Simson, Charlie Morrissey),

Iyengar Yoga (Charles Hond, Cle Souren, Faeg Biria, Michael Forbes),

Tango, Massage, Tai Chi, Physical Theatre (Jordi Cortes Molina, Nigel Charnock DV8, Jorgos Karamalegos),

Lecoq Training (Marian Masoliver, Simon Edwards), Release technique (Gill Clarke, Lance Gries)

Tao Healing-Qigong (Dirkje Veldman, Carsten Dohnke)

Acting (Mark Travis, Mel Churcher, Ivana Chubbuck)


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