On television: Criminal serial Rosenheimcops

14 of november 2017 at 7.25 pm at ZDF

Role: Maren Wehrkorn


BELLT! BLECHT! Dramatische Essenzen

dramatic reading at theatre HochX, Munich, 22 of july 2017 um 19 pm


Der Geist der Frau Kazumoro

25 june 2017, 8 pm at ars Musica/ Stemmerhof, Munich

Radio play with musician Masako Ohta and the actors

Tinka Kleffner, Olaf Krätke, Christian Heiner Wolf, Barbara Maria Messner, Manuel Klein and Josef Eder.

Author: Barbara Maria Messner

Live streaming to Radio Munich.

Again 3 of july at 9 pm 21 and 9 of july at 10 am.

To hear over DAB+ or Internetstream



Another Day: PARADISE, African perspectives,  15 april at 8pm Uhr, HochX, Munich


thinktwice website and blog


New showreel teaser 2017 !!! Have a look under showreel


Premiere: Dramatic reading

Der Geist der Frau Kazumoro,

written by me. With musician Masako Ohta and 6 actors

17 march 2017 at 8 pm, ars musica/Stemmerhof Munich


At german television:

Maria, Argentinien und die Sache mit den Weißwürsten

2 december, 2016, at 8.15 pm, ARD, director: Markus Herling, role: Rosaria

München '72 - das Attentat
30 august 2016,  3sat, director: Dror Zahavi, role: Meike from Holland


14 August 2016 / 19:00 > Tanztendenz Munich
Performance Lab XX: Los Regalos/the presents

Direction: Cuqui Jerez

The tenant, theatrical performance installation, in cooperation with Pathos Transport Theatre Munich,

last perfromances from 4-6 of march 2016, director: Martin Kindervater        tickets via


Movie release date of international coproduction

The last christmas - The Trapp Familiy. A life of music

in november 2015.

Director: Ben Verbong. I play Mathilde, the housekeeper.


In german television : Playing brazilian Analena da Silva for the telenovela Rote Rosen,

at ARD, 2.10 pm and 9.05 am, from 9 of september 2015 till the 3of november 2015.

Episodes 2036 to 2075


The tenant, theatrical performance installation, in cooperation with Pathos Transport Theatre Munich,

premiere in April 2015, director: Martin Kindervater        tickets via


In german televison

at 18 of march  at 18:50 pm, ARD, in the serial Hubert und Staller as Gaby Schondorf .


Body Territories, Performance Laboratory XVI,

with spanish performance director Juan Dominguez

What can we do together that we cannot do alone?
Public Showing:  21 of september 2014, 7 pm at i-camp Munich


In german television

at 19 of August 2014 in the serial Rosenheimcops as Eva Kuhn - ZDF

at 27 of May 2014 in the serial Um Himmelswillen as Tatjana Dornbach

March 2014: Shooting for Hubert und Staller - german television ARD


Performance: Body territories XV, performance laboratory with Silvia Sant Funk.

Showing 11 Mai at 7 pm  at i-camp Munich

New website for painting is now online

International theatre exchange for Krokusfestival in Belgium


Body territores - Working out human relationsships - choreographing the moment.

Laboratory XIV - directed by Lilia Mestre and David Freeman ( Random scream, Belgien)

Showing 23 of june 2013 at i-camp München, 7pm