on air:

21of April 2021 at 18.50 pm, ARD

Watzmann ermittelt - König Watzmann

great part - looking forward

31of March 2021 at 20.15 pm, ZDF

Aktenzeichen XY - Betrugs-special


Certified Coach for SourceTuning ( )

Online coachings available


Happy easter!

Castupload promotion: #United we act #Corona deams - a love story



Über Land special - Kleine Fälle

on air friday 10 of april 2020 at 915pm at ZDF

Director: Franz Xaxer Bogner,

my part is the funeralspeaker in the beginning of the film


Radioplay: Erinnerungen einer Überflüssigen, after the memories of Lena Christ.

BR -  31 of may and 1 of june 2020


Again on air:  Der Kaiser von Schexing

bavarian serial directed and written by Franz Xaver Bogner. 

From 29 of july 2019 till february 2020 each Monday at 22.45 p.m. at BR. 

I am in most of the episodes as Centa Spitzauer, assistant of the treasurer


Now finally also in television

The Trapp Family - a life for music, Director Ben Verbong

I am the maid Mathilde

Sunday 22 of december is Ben Verbong - day in dutch television L1, 6 pm the Trapp Family

Sunday 1 of december at 3 pm at ZDF


Olomoyoyo by Jelili Atiku /

2 of november 2019, 5pm at egyptian museum, Munich, Festival Spielart Munich

I have the pleasure to perform with beautyful people


Cherryblossoms and demons - director Doris Dörrie

starting 7 march 2019 in the movies


shooting with Janine Guldener

now online!